Sunday, March 15, 2015

DNC Chair Asks People to Name their “Favorite Democrat Policy,” Backfires BIG TIME

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the head of the Democratic National Convention, got more than she bargained for on Friday when she asked Twitter users what their favorite Democratic policy was.
“The one where you destroyed so much of our country,” one user Tweeted back. “Oh wait. That would be all of them.”
Other responses to the Florida Democrat included “criminal destruction of evidence,” “giving ambassadorships to donors,” and President Obama’s heavily criticized handling of the Syrian crisis, The Blaze reported Friday. 

Other users chose to look further back into history to find their favorite Democratic policy.
“When FDR made Japanese go into internment camps,” one user wrote.
Also on Friday, the Islamic militant group Hamas — labeled a terrorist organization by the U.S. and Israel — posted on Twitter that users could (hashtag) AskHamas.
It didn’t take long for the group — which controls much of Gaza — to get heavy criticism instead, much of it focusing on their 2014 provocations that led to war with Israel and thousands of civilian deaths.
“Given a choice, is it better to hide a weapons cache in a hospital’s radiology or pediatrics unit?” one user wrote.
Jeffery Goldberg, a reporter for The Atlantic, was a bit more specific: “Why did you murder 30 civilians, including 20 people over the age of 70, at a Passover Seder in Netanya in 2002?”
The DNC and Hamas aren’t alone in their attempts at Twitter backfiring spectacularly.
In December, CNN hosted a (hashtag) AskaCop event, which almost predictably became a forum for protestors to vent their anger against local police forces.



  1. Debbie, next time plant some shills in the audience.

  2. It's got to be one of the secret policies. The ones we know about aren't worth considering.

  3. To the Hasbaratnkis, lets take One ex. about ehhh Israels truthers aka morons and their twised reality the morons tryes to impose upon us "all".

    Cast lead, where Hamas is blamed for attacing peaceloving Israels with Kasham rockets aka homemade, whom so far is more of a show than anything comparing to what the Scums are capable of firing back.
    Cast lead started because of Israeli slaugtherings, and one day, they kille the Hamas officer whom was incharge of the peace talks with the Gov, of Israel, you all know him, the freak him self, NothingButYahoho. by rocket from an Hellic.
    And when the funeral possesion (some days later) of that same person was attaced/provoced the entire funerall possesion was attaced to with missiles and killed several Palestinians.
    And of course, this is OK, right scums, since ALL Palestinians are per def. terrorists.
    And so on, as they did in the last one, they did this in the Lebanon war 2006, where they sent military forces into Lebanes teritorry, and kidnaped Lebanes and so on, all to provoce a reaction, beside the causuall bombing, ramdomly inot Lebane lands.
    The Lebans/Hezb dint start it, nor did they go into as the IDF did into foreign teritorry at all, exept to fight for their own land.
    Like Hamas whom used 3 days to kick the IDFs armed forces out of Gaza this summer, in 2006 Hezb. kicked the a... of the IDF and they flew back with their tales between their legs, as freaks often do when they can slaughter anyone as They please and dont fight back.
    Coward scums, retreated and started bombing with airplanes and hawbits/canons from miles away into civilian districs and this is know and the rotten UN knows this to but does noting, aka Golan, witch is both Syrian and Lebanes teritory ocupyed by the scums/IDFs, orc army.
    The same provos done thousands of time by the Israeli gov. thruout their entire existence.
    This is just a sort list, to warn the morons of the facts, and despit their lies and forgerys I dont have to lie about anything.

    To any Hasbaratnjik out there, bring it on, and dont for a second think we belive anything coming from the lunatic binn Israel nor from the leauge of prestitutes, in the despecable MSM.

    War, is when your gov. tells you whom to fight.
    Revolution comes when WE, have figured it out, our selfs.


  4. Be sure to closely count your virgin goats to be sure they don't short change you.

  5. The DNC, the Machiavellian party. Power power and more power. That's all they want. Doesn't matter what's left in its wake.

  6. They're not bargaining with US Congressmen...., and there isn't a VIRGIN goat left in DC.

  7. "Israel" is a terrorist state and should not be allowed to exist as a racist, Jewish-supremacist state as it currently does. "Israel" as a Jewish-supremacist state should be totally destroyed, using lawful military force if necessary. The land is called Palestine and it should be for everyone: Christians, Muslims and Jews.

  8. Are you a Jew or US government employee? Or both?

  9. The one where you stole my health insurance, gave it to an illegal alien and then fined me for not having health insurance.

  10. Are you and idiot or an imbecile?

  11. I didn't see any offers in their letter.
    They just stated fact trying to clear up a misconception implied by Obama that he can make unilateral deals.

  12. So much stupidity packed into on statement! Lol

  13. There isn't such thing as Palestine. Never was. Those terrorists deserve what they get. If you don't want your schools blown up, don't shoot rockets from them.

  14. Remember the USS Liberty, traitor? Remember the Lavon Bombings? Remember 9/11? "Israel" is a terrorist state and when Americans understand how deeply involved Jews and the Jewish state were in planning, executing and covering up the 9/11 attacks, "Israel" is going to vanish off the face of the earth forever under two million patriotic Christian American bootheels.

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  16. “The one where you destroyed so much of our country,” one user Tweeted back. “Oh wait. That would be all of them.”

  17. IRS - DESTROYED Emails..
    IRS - playing politics with their power.
    Immigration at the expense of the Tax Payer....
    Abuse of POWER of the Executive Order.
    Clinton... Destroy Emails.
    What Difference does it make???????

  18. No time for Debbie Wasserman Cunt