American Pride Dance Cancelled in Lexington, MA Because It’s Exclusionary

A Lexington High School, yes that’s correct, Lexington, Massachusetts where the Revolutionary War began for American Independence; students aren’t allowed to have an “American Pride” themed dance.  Why? The Administration feels they are excluding other nationalities.

From WHDH:

Students said the administration canceled an “American Pride” dance because it excluded other nationalities, despite the theme getting the most votes from the dance committee.
School officials defended their decision and added they are willing to tweak the theme in order for everyone to be included.
“Given the diverse demography of our community it was suggested by the advisers that the students come maybe national pride theme so they could represent their individual nationalities,” Assistant Superintendent Carol Pilarski said.
“People consider America to be a melting pot, so the fact that it was even considered offensive is what people are a little surprised about,” said student Sneha Rao.
The “National Pride” dance was rescheduled for late April and students can wear red, white and blue if they choose to.