30 foods that taste even better frozen

If you're a little tired of the same snacks over and over again, try giving them a makeover, which is as easy as throwing them in the freezer. That's right. Some foods taste even better when they're frozen. Here are 30 to satisfy any craving.

Please note, however, some of these snacks are not Skinny Mom-approved and should only be eaten in moderation and on occasion. For some diet-friendly snacks, click here.

1. Bananas
Peel, freeze and enjoy! These make for a great creamy snack, and are also perfect for homemade, healthy ice cream.

2. Grapes
If you’re going to freeze fruit, try grapes. Once you try them, you’ll never go back to the regular refrigerated kind.

3. Gummy bears
Whether you choose the sugar-free option or not, these chewy guys taste great cold.

4. Chocolate pudding
Remember eating Jell-O Pudding Pops? That’s what you’ll get if you freeze pudding cups.

5. Avocado slices
Freeze for a few hours then sprinkle with chili powder and salt — refreshing and healthy.

6. Iceberg lettuce wedges
Cut your lettuce head into wedges, freeze for three to four hours and then dip in this Light Bleu

7. Mango
Cut into cubes, freeze and then store in baggies. Enjoy them straight or with a drizzle of lime juice.

8. York Peppermint Patties
Eating one of these little frozen treats is like a dessert breath mint.

9. Watermelon wedges
Chowing down on frozen watermelon is a great way to get your kids to eat healthy. You can also incorporate watermelon into tons of other summer recipes.

10. Milano cookies
Freeze and serve. We recommend dipping them into coffee after dinner.

11. Orange wedges
Freezing oranges will give you a cold burst of yummy and healthy flavor.

12. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
There isn’t anything better than chocolate and peanut butter — that is until you try them frozen.

13. Brownie squares
This doesn’t have to be an unhealthy option if you freeze these Skinny Fudge Brownies.

14. Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies
You may already have some tucked away in your freezer for off-season snacking, but instead of thawing them out, try them cold.

15. Grape fruit wedges
Freeze these for an afternoon snack that will cool you down and keep you healthy.

16. Yogurt
Pick your favorite yogurt, put in a popsicle stick and let it freeze. Remove the cup and enjoy.

17. Melon cubes
Cut up melon before it goes bad and let that serve as the afternoon snack for you and the kids.

18. Applesauce
Scoop applesauce into an ice try and make your own snack cubes.

19. Root beer
We try to avoid soda because it can be pretty unhealthy, but if you can’t give it up, you can freeze soda in popsicle molds for a frozen treat.

20. Cheesecake slices
This is a fairly big indulgence, so try swapping out a store-bought cake for this Skinny Pumpkin Cheesecake.

21. Marshmallows
They are chewy and delicious when frozen, but don’t let them thaw. A soggy marshmallow is a bad marshmallow.

22. Coffee
Got leftover coffee in the pot? Don’t toss it — freeze it! Making trays of coffee ice cubes means your next iced coffee won’t get watered down.

23. Pomegranate seeds
You’ve seen these in yogurt, covered in chocolate and now frozen?

24. Tim Tams
These are an Australian dessert that are great on their own and even better frozen. If you’ve never had one before, be prepared. You might not be able to stop.

25. 3 Musketeers
There’s 45% less fat in these candy bars so it’s OK, right? Not really, but they are crazy good once frozen. Try freezing the bite-sized version so you don’t overdo it.

26. Dipped bananas
Yes, we mentioned bananas already, but try dipping them in chocolate or peanut butter (or both) and freeze. It’s a great dessert.

27. Blueberry yogurt bites
This is a great afternoon snack that is not only sweet, but also healthy. Click here to get the recipe.

28. Raspberries
These taste great frozen, and if it doesn’t satisfy the indulgence you’re craving, add a little whip cream to the top.

29. Lemonade
There’s a reason lemonade is sold frozen at theme parks and baseball games. It’s so refreshing! Freeze your own hand-squeezed or blend it with ice.

30. Mint leaves
Freeze mint leaves with water into your ice tray for a tasty and refreshing glass of ice cold water.