Thursday, February 19, 2015

This Texas A&M University Study Ranks Obama As 5th Best President In History

 Good research work by a fine institution of higher learning!


  1. Well as you can see, ALL OF THE OTHER Presidents are ahead of him.

  2. In terms of doing the most to serve Jewish Organized Crime, Soetoro is #1.

    All presidents serve what is know as the shadow government.
    These people are hand picked due to their background filled with murder, homosexuality, pedophilia, racketeering etc, which keeps them black-mailable and therefore controllable.

    The impostor Obama, just happens to be the puppet during the final push for the Jewish takeover of the world, all neatly laid out in the late 1800's in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

    He just looks the worst because the corruption and criminality of the Jews is now open and in your face!

  3. Obama is actually THE BEST President we have ever had because look how he has hoodwinked the Republicans.

    They all look like troglodytes, espousing views so radical and out of touch with reality that I question if they are really left over Communist Sleeper cells.

    Just look at Kansas as an indication as to where Republicans will take this country, down the toilet.

    If a republican wins the presidency in 2016 (which will most likely not happen) then we WILL BE AT WAR. Republicans are itching for another way, because not enough damage has been done to the american soldier or the economy. We need more people walking around with PTSD and keep all the costs of the war off the balance sheets (like doofus Bush did) to incur more debt.

    Obama is a GREAT president because of how he has survived all the republican shenanigans: So how did that one term president turn out for you all?

    Remember, the democrats can do to your guy what the republicans TRIED to do to Obama, if by chance a republican is elected in 2016.

  4. Great, another kool aide slurping sheep heard from.

  5. From a university that doesnt understand fire or gravity

  6. George Kapplan probably went there.

  7. No joke-nothing could be worse than the two Bush'its and that Crypto Jew LBJ.
    Read " 9/11: Israel's Master Piece "
    One term Jimmy Carter is the best of the lot--no instigated wars on his watch. Got the boot by Money men (High interest rates) and Oil men(prices sky rocketed-once Reagan Bush turd got in) -Bingo! prices dropped.
    Obama is a fruitcake