The Official Obama White House Terrorist Identification Chart…

Here are the results of a new Fox news poll released on Wednesday that shows what Americans think about terrorism:
- Islamic terrorists will try to attack the homeland soon.

– The United States is at war with radical Islam.

– Obama underemphasizes the threat from Islamic terrorists, yet the reason he doesn’t use terms like radical Islam is not because he doesn’t think the threat is directly connected to Islam.
– Few feel the country is safer since Barack Obama became president.
– Closing the prison at Guantanamo Bay is the wrong thing to do.
– Terrorism comes in second only to the economy as the top priority facing the country.
– Killing terrorists with drones is not how the U.S. should deal with them.
– Obama should have marched with other world leaders in Paris to show solidarity against terrorist attacks there.
– White House policies toward the Middle East have mostly failed.
– Terrorism is seen as the greatest risk to future generations.