Most medical terms for digestive disorders are LIES - stop consuming these six digestion destroyers and watch your health revitalize!

How much do you really know about the bacterial balance of your intestinal system? How much do you respect your gut flora balance? Could ignoring this knowledge be the MAIN reason you can't digest food properly? Yes, it could.

The ideal ratio for gut bacteria is 85 percent good to 15 percent bad, just for starters. Let's talk about the good guys and their job absorbing starches, fiber and sugars.

What else is thrown in the mix ... dead food or pesticide food (GMO)? Maybe you're putting all the liver's responsibilities on your pancreas, by overwhelming it with toxins.
Deficiencies in magnesium and enzymes might top the list of considerations here.

If you're stressed out, you may have depleted your vitamins and minerals entirely. Do you work out often and vigorously? There are FIVE digestion "destroyers" you can simply eliminate from your daily food regimen, and thus detoxify in a number of ways, treating a number of cleansing organs.

#1) Processed, slow-release pesticide-laden gluten - the number one cause of all digestive disorders is sticky food "glue" that remains in your gut for days

Do you have irritable bowels, Crohn's disease, acid reflux, diverticulitis, ulcers, chronic inflammation or a little of all of the above? Stop wondering why. Does your stomach ache after every big meal? You could be engaging in voluntary health deterioration.

Did you know diverticulitis is an inflammatory disease of the colon caused by infection and lack of fiber? How much fiber is in a burger served on gluten-loaded bread and with fries and a soda? None.
18,000,000 Americans have an internal "rotting food" problem. They can't figure it out and their MDs who are trained in chemical medications and surgery can't either.

Are your bread loaves, rolls and buns "fortified" by Monsanto, Cargill and Bayer?
Gluten is food glue that contains processed ingredients that have carcinogens in them. Is this how you live daily, invaded by pathogens and cancer-causing free radicals that are STUCK in your GUT and your DIGESTIVE TRACT?
Gluten is a "weapon" of mass health destruction. End your "terrible" food habits now.

#2) Fast food meat, for the most part, is a conglomeration of animal scraps, genetically modified soy, hormones, antibiotics and toxic filler

How cheap IS fast food meat? Really, really cheap, that's how cheap. CAFO farmer's beat back e-coli and superbug bacteria with 80% of all antibiotics sold and used in America, and it's getting worse.
Cattle in CAFOs (confined animal feeding operations) are confined in as little space as possible. They are trough-fed genetically modified food not meant for ANY animal to consume.

They trounce in their own manure and urine all day. They're bulked up with steroidal hormones that cause cancer tumors in humans. How does your stomach deal with all of this, and what about your colon? Have you been diagnosed with polyps? Stop wondering why.

Then, those slaughtered cattle get to the processing, meat packing and blood draining areas of the plant. The meat gets doused with ammonia and other bio-hazardous chemicals. What does this do to your bacteria balance in your gut?
Beef and bacon are at all time high in sales. Health detriment sure is convenient! Reliance on junk science doesn't bring down beef prices, folks, just the quality.

Maybe you're eating transglutaminase or "Meat Glue" and you don't know it! There are no regulations on this meat conglomeration in the USA, in case you didn't know.
Just what is "meat glue"? Surely, you don't know if you're still eating it.

#3) Artificial sweeteners are not food, but synthetic concoctions that trick the body into ingestion and slowly wreak havoc on the digestive tract and your filtering organs

What's your sweet poison - Splenda? Equal? Sweet-n-low? Tell me it's not "Splenda Essentials" - where they sprinkle some dead vitamins on top of synthetic, lab-made slow-death. Are you losing weight or putting more on? Stop wondering why.

Aspartame is a dangerous chemical, too. It's the most commonly used artificial sweetener on the market today. It causes a few major health issues like brain disorders. A University of Washington researcher warned that tests on lab mice revealed that aspartame left holes in their brains.
But no worry for you, because lab mice are just animals, and you're not an animal, are you?
Most fake sugars brand themselves as being a healthy sugar alternative, but they tear up your gut and ruin your cleansing organs. Some never come out. Are you consuming chlorocarbon sucralose and toxic aspartame and being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia or Crohn's?

One particular study in Japan found that up to 40 percent of Sucralose is absorbed in the body. 
Why is this such a big deal? As reported by the Alliance for Natural Health USA (ANH-USA), the absorption of chlorinated compounds can cause severe damage to the nervous system, immune system, bodily organs, microflora balance in the intestines, and glandular systems.

#4) Chronic stress! Whether or not you admit it, chronic stress can be "consumed" by letting your tense surroundings "enter" and "infect" your mind and body

Do most "tough" situations stress you out? The whole resolve to fix your problems starts and ends with what you eat. Every major disease that is preventable is linked to food.

Over 50 conditions have been correlated also with high stress lifestyles, including obesity.
Your ability to balance your gut flora, absorb nutrients and turn on enzymes is either assisted or crippled by your daily food and drink intake, plus what you put on your skin.
No single organ in the whole human body is immune to the effects of stress.
Even hair loss and premature baldness can often be linked to excessive stress. So can eczema, psoriasis, heat flashes, gastritis, colitis and IBS.

Hypertension is linked to cumulative stress. Imagine hypertension being your main source of digestive tract issues, then go 100% organic and watch your problems just dissipate and disappear.
Are you muscles tight, sore or having spasms. Your stomach muscles can have spasms too, when you consume processed, synthetic and GMO pesticide-laden food products.

If you have shortness of breath and panic attacks, you may need to change your diet right away. Check into organic probiotics, organic enzymes, and alkalizing your body.

#5) Of the 70,000 food chemicals approved for consumption by the FDA, hydrogenated oils contain some of the WORST ones, including constituents of gasoline

Is your blood thicker thanks to this gummy substance flowing in it that can build up arterial plaque and easily lodge in the arteries?
Try to avoid junk food, processed sugars, artificial sweeteners, fluoridated water and the like.

But do you avoid ALL processed oils, because canola is in most mayonnaise, and blended GM oils are in most salad dressings, and nearly every restaurant and food bar in America has tuna salad, pasta salad, egg salad, chicken salad and potato salad that's loaded with hydrogenated oils.
Hydrogenated oils are oils that are often healthy in their natural state, but are quickly turned into poisons through the manufacturing and processing they undergo.

They take these naturally healthy oils such as palm, kernel, soybean, and corn oil and they heat it anywhere from five hundred to one thousand degrees under several atmospheres of pressure.
They then inject a catalyst into the oil for several hours - typically a metal such as nickel, platinum or even aluminum. As this bubbles up into the oil, the molecular structure increases in density. This creates either partially hydrogenated or fully hydrogenated oils
The molecules in this new product are now closer to cellulose or plastic than to oil. Eat THAT and the heart now has to work much harder to pump blood throughout the system - hence - high blood pressure!

#6) All popular soda brands contain phosphoric acid and genetically modified corn syrup along with pesticide - destroying your good gut bacteria within minutes

The "Man" likes you sick, because that breeds doctor bills, hospital bills and yes, sick children. Call it conspiracy theory if you want to, but you are what you eat, so if you're eating bacteria-laden meat and drinking bacteria-laden milk, guess what you are?

How often do you drink soda, because the phosphoric acid could be debilitating your ability to break down and rid your body of the toxins that you consume in the meat, milk and conventional bread daily.
There a major benefits of having friendly bacteria. Three main probiotic bacteria that provide your body with immunity are bifidobacterium bifidumlactobacillus acidophilus, and lactobacillus bulgaricus.

You need healthy bacteria to fight pathogens.

You need healthy bacteria to rid the body of toxins.

You need healthy bacteria to absorb calcium, vitamins and minerals!

Don't just avoid SODA, avoid antibiotics, birth control pills, chlorine, fluoride, ascorbic acid in supplements, radiation, food additives, food preservatives (especially sodium benzoate), chemotherapy, x-rays and microwave ovens!

And don't forget NOT to stress. You are now on your way to health freedom!