A Humble Gas Station Becomes An Awesome Home

This New Orleans gas station was constructed in 1918. For a gas station, it looks quite distinct and different from other stations, and even once housed a mechanic's shop. However, It eventually fell out of use. After sitting for years without any repairs and with no one to restore it to its former glory, a new owner decided to spruce it up a bit and give it a new purpose.
The exterior of the building. The pumps have been removed.

It's a sweet apartment! The big garage doors allow for plenty of fresh air. Since this is New Orleans, I hope they have screens to keep the mosquitos out.

This was originally a mechanic's shop, and the renovations kept the spacious, open-form design. This is the living room area.

The stairs lead to a loft, where a small bedroom has been installed.

The kitchen is nice and roomy.

From above, the living, cooking, and dining areas all flow together. This would be a pretty great place for a party.

The sleeping area is comparatively small, but there's so much room elsewhere, it's actually a nice change of pace.

The dining area, with huge windows for lots of light.

The bathroom.

The bedroom, which overlooks the rest of the house. We hope that bumper is secure.

You can see the bedroom upstairs, above the kitchen. The Mobil pegasus has been repurposed as a pretty sweet piece of wall art.