Cigarette Foil Ball, Cut in Half

The ball in all its foil glory. Almost looks like it could have it's own orbit.

Nope. Not quite big enough to have an orbit. The banana never lies.
MMmmm... HD closeup of cigarette foil pressed neatly and dented from the past 40 years of handling.
The horizon.
Caught him showing off.
Preparing to meet its fate.
The blade is set, the speed is set, and the lube is turned off. Its probably aluminum (or tin?) so we are going in dry :D
Oh dear god no!
Halfway through, the saw was essentially making the ball bleed aluminum everywhere.
Yup. Bleeding aluminum. Proof right in the picture.
Almost done.
Et Voila! Two half balls!
A shot of the unpolished block of aluminum. Not quite what we were looking for, but it proves how well those damn foil pieces mold with other pieces of foil.
Mandatory macro. The lines are the resulting kerf lines from the unfortunately quite coarse blade (it spends it's life de-limbing solid steel, this was like a hot knife through butter)
After a quick polish to see if it would help show all the different colors of foil that were used. Unfortunately it all just amalgamated into one giant block of aluminum. You can see lines where the foil wasn't perfectly fused to the other pieces.
These two pieces popped out during the polishing phase. They clearly show individual layers of foil. Anyone want to guess how much would have been used? Square footage? Anything?

The three pieces come together, albeit not as uniform as they came out.
Close up of the 'inner bowl'.
The small piece ripped up so we could see the individual layers of cigarette pack foil.

Close up the ball's rings. I estimate each visible one to enclose 2 or 3 years between themselves.
Close up of the "dross" the blade left after ripping through the ball like it was just an object.
Another nearby the ball shot.
The family all together now. This is how aluminum is born, I'm sure of it.