90-Year-Old Kenyan Woman Goes To School With Her Great-Great-Grandchildren To Inspire Youth

Priscilla Sitienei has served as a midwife for her rural Kenyan village for the past 65 years. And now, at the grand age of 90, she has made the decision to attend primary school along with six of her great-great-grandchildren. Known affectionately as "Gogo" or "grandmother" to her classmates, Priscilla grew up in a time when education was not readily available, and wants to finally learn how to read and write.
But reading the Bible, passing on her midwife skills and writing down her herbal remedies isn't all Gogo wants to do. She also wants to act as an example.
“I see children who are living hopelessly, children who are lost. I want them to see me in school. I want to inspire them,” she told the BBC.

Gogo takes her education very seriously, wearing a uniform and even taking part in physical education, dance, drama and music lessons.

Whenever she meets someone who hasn't been to school, she tells them; "well I am at school and so should you."

Priscilla follows in the steps of late Kimani Maruge, a fellow Kenyan who went to school at the age of 84. That makes Gogo the oldest pupil in the world, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.
Gogo also serves as class prefect, and takes great pride in educating her classmates on tribal traditions every lunch time.

This incredible woman's message to the students of the world?

“I want to say to the children of the world, especially the girls, that education will be your wealth. Don’t look back.”