60 Creative Wooden Sculptures

Art comes in many form, shape and sizes, but you need to have a sense to get it correctly. A famous sculptor once said, “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”

Just because not everyone can make masterpiece art, it doesn’t mean you can’t derive inspiration from it. These 60 wooden sculptures are the perfect examples to get inspired that will refresh your day. Many of these wooden sculpture’s artists have also carved their mark into the international art scene.

Wooden Sculptures by Sergei Bobkov

Bough Houses by Rob Heard

Caricature Carvings by Phil Bishop

Wooden Technology by Michael Rea

Skateboard Art by Haroshi

Urban Landscapes by James McNabb

Lifelike Sculptures by Willy Verginer

Building Blocks by Efraim Rodriguez Cobos

Moveable Sculpture by Werner Arnold

Beauty Lies Within by Maskull Lasserre

Carved Guitars by Doug Rowell

Driftwood Sculptures by Jeff Uitto

Melting Wood by Bonsoir Paris

Coral Reefs by Joshua Abarbanel

Chainsaw Carving by Bob King

Wooden Shroud by Dan Webb

Anthropomorphism by AJ Fosik

Intarsia Mural by Kathy Wise

Mother Nature by Paul Baliker

World’s Longest Wooden Carving by Zheng Chunhui