Here's How Tinder Helped Solve A Crime

Finally there's a use for Tinder besides facilitating random hookups and hilarious conversations. One tech start-up in San Francisco found a new way to use the app: Solving crimes.

 Company Buildzoom's offices in San Francisco began experiencing the odd disappearance of computers starting in July. Over the course of several weeks the startup lost $30,000 worth of computers and tablets. When police were of no help in finding the thief, co-founder David Petersen and his team installed security cameras.

 That's when they got footage of a woman sneaking into the building and taking their equipment. They took a screenshot of the footage and posted it on their website and social media, but no one seemed to identify the woman.

That's when they took to Tinder, posting an image of the woman in the hopes of identifying her. 

"I rob offices in SF," the image states. "$5000 reward for identifying me" followed by the company's contact information. It might seem like a long-shot, but in reality they were pretty smart to realize that Tinder could be a great way to get an image seen by thousands of people easily.

So, did Buildzoom find the spark on Tinder it was looking for? You bet. Within two days the company received a photo and a name identifying the thief.

Petersen says that they hope that the information will lead to a speedy arrest of their thief, though the San Francisco police didn't comment on whether the woman identified by the Tinder helper is a suspect or not. If she does end up being arrested, Buildzoom said that they are happy to provide the promised $5,000 to the Tinder informant.  
So if you're wondering what can be learned from this story, just remember: Never return to the crime scene after you've successfully robbed some computers. Oh, and Tinder's a great way to identify a thief.