Monday, November 3, 2014

The Sad Story of a Stolen Truck (12 pics)

These before and after pics show how one amazing truck got completely trashed after it was stolen by thieves.

Bastards had some fun before destroying it
They put a rock on the gas pedal and sent it off a look out at the top of a local park

They were not done yet as you can see they burned it after all that

"Last Sunday three people broke into my dads garage and stole his beautiful 1955 ford f100 pickup and destroyed it the same night for no reason. This was my dads prize possession and spent hours working on this truck and for this to happen to him is awful People suck."


  1. Wow this really suck. That truck was awesome. Really sorry for your dad's lost.

  2. Lot of dumb fu#$@^% in this world. It is simply called, NO RESPECT for others and mostly for yourself.

  3. these people are a waste of skin and fresh air....