Nutrients You Need To Consume Every Day

Nutrition, healthy eating, balanced diet, wholesome food and similar terms sound so familiar these days. In spite of increased awareness of these concepts, the alarming rise in diseases does baffle the minds. Or are we really aware? Diseases are striking at young age and leaving the younger generation a lot weaker than the older ones. We all read and hear about nutrients to consume every day and yet fall prey to life-threatening and life-crippling ailments.
Could it be that we just gain knowledge about ‘nutrition’ and fail to implement it in our lives? It is quite possible. In the present world, especially large cities, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is becoming a challenge. Moreover, when it comes to women, the challenge is even greater.
She never gets over the basic duties of being a homemaker although she is out there making a career for herself. It becomes essential to give a little attention towards healthy nutrients for women. And this can be done by the women themselves.
While taking care of themselves, women take care of the rest of the family. Food is a major factor in maintaining good health, and women see to it that nutrition reaches every family member. So what are the nutrients that become essential for each day? Let us discuss them keeping in mind the basic food groups.

You might have heard of a carb-free diet to shed off fat and stay slim. But hold on. Among the nutrients to consume every day, carbohydrates has a place for itself. Commonly known as carbs, they provide the body with the much needed energy to function all day. It is best to have these carbs like whole wheat flour, whole meal oats and brown rice. In the unrefined form, they not only provide sustained energy but also provide for the fibre required for maintaining a healthy digestive tract.

Remember mom insisting on you having your pulses, fish, meats and eggs? The reason was very simple. All these foods are rich in protein. Protein is essential to help the body grow and maintain healthy cells and tissues. Make sure to include some form of protein in every meal. Not only do you derive benefits but get a feeling of being full for a longer time. This in turn means no in-between snacks.
 Did someone say fat is bad for the body? Not really. The body needs a bit of everything to function normally. It is true that you should not be having too much of it but in limited quantities. The right kind of fat helps lubricate the body joints, builds a strong immune system, keeps diseases at bay and also helps burn body fat. What are good fats? The ones not containing transfat. The Indian ghee is a wonderful fat source that has numerous benefits.
Vitamins and minerals 
The moment you say vitamins and minerals, the pictures of fruits and vegetables come to mind. They come in various colours and in a huge variety. In every form, vegetable and fruits provide nutrition in the form of fibre, natural sugars, vitamins and minerals that help fight diseases. Having produce of the season helps ward of common ailments related to a particular season. They are God's way of providing season specific nutrition. One of the very specific healthy nutrients for women is calcium and iron as most women are found to be anemic and calcium deficient.
 No matter how much you praise this wonder drink, you will never get exhausted. Water is life giving and the best beverage to have at all times of the day. It keeps the digestive system healthy, the skin glows, toxins are flushed out of the body and the body is well hydrated.
 Well, this is not a nutrient, but if you maintain a smile at all times you are sure to be healthy. This is one positive way of leading life and a positive attitude always has a good effect on one's health.