10 Thanksgiving Foods to Avoid While Pregnant

Thanksgiving may be an expectant mama’s dream, but before you take advantage of eating for two this Turkey Day, make sure the food you’re enjoying is safe for your growing belly. If you’ve got a bun (and a turkey) in the oven, go back for seconds (and thirds) after you check out these 10 festive foods to watch out for and avoid.

1. Pates

It’s a fancy treat for a festive meal, but most ob-gyns will tell you that refrigerated pate should be avoided during pregnancy. Good news for all you liver-lovers, though: canned pates are considered safe for a developing baby.

2. Apple Cider

Before you sip on some sweet cider, make sure it is the pasteurized variety. If not, your beloved Fall drink runs the risk of containing E. coli.

3. Uncooked Turkey

The bird needs to be cooked until it reaches at least 160°F in the thickest part of the turkey’s thigh, but ideally you want the temp to reach 180°F before consuming. So make sure you fully cook your turkey before chowing down.

4. Unpasturized Soft Cheese

A cheese plate is a great dish for guests to pick at while waiting for dinner to be served. If you’ve got a bun in the oven, make sure the cheese on your plate is pasteurized. Luckily, most cheeses in the US are pasteurized nowadays, but I’ve come across many that are not, so be on the safe side and ask before you enjoy.

5. Stuffing

Sorry moms-to-be, but the turkey’s cavity doesn’t get hot enough to kill all the harmful bacteria. But you don’t have to skip the stuffing altogether. Simply place it in a separate baking dish and cook until it reaches a temperature of 165°F.

6. Unwashed Veggies

With all the steps that go into making the perfect Thanksgiving meal, it’s easy to forget a vital one: washing your veggies. Wash all produce before you eat it — whether you are pregnant or not.

7. Brownie Batter

Licking the spoon from the batter of the holiday goodies might be a favorite pastime, but it’s best to avoid now that you’re cooking a little one too. Steer clear of raw eggs (especially if they are not pasteurized). Consuming uncooked eggs increases your risk of exposure to salmonella, which is not good for you or your growing babe.

8. Custard Pie

Is coconut custard pie a Thanksgiving staple? Well, you’ll have to wait till next year to enjoy a slice. Custards, mousses, and even homemade ice cream can contain raw or uncooked eggs, which are big no-nos when you’re pregnant.

9. Wine

This one is obvious, but if you’re pregnant, forgo the vino (or any other alcohol). Can’t imagine giving thanks without a glass of wine? There’s always next year!

10. Cold Turkey Sandwiches

Let’s be honest, leftovers are the best part of Black Friday. But cold turkey is subject to the same listeria as deli meat. If you plan on making a sandwich, reheat the meat till it’s piping hot.