Old and New Adverts for Some of Our Favorite Technology (21 pics)

A "fancy fridge" used to mean "comes with an ice bucket."

Logitech has clearly re-examined its definition of "ergonomic."
What $300 used to buy you...
What it buys you now (and you save $50!)
Yesterday's PowerPad vs. today's SketchPad.
Now "free" means no wires. Or legs, apparently.
"Anywhere" is a lot bigger when your hands aren't full.
Clean clothes or clean conscience?

Apple's definition of "thin" used to be a lot thicker.
Storing data used to require a small fortune.
Now we give 4000x that amount away for free.

No contest.
Someone should remind Apple, they've already tried BIG.
At least the button colors never changed.
Multiple colors vs. multiple dimensions.
Getting online used to required a disc (?!) and a phone line. Now phone booths pump out free WiFi.
Mood lighting used to require multiple bulbs. Now it just requires a single app.
This top of the line thermostat had a CLOCK.
This one has an internet-connected BRAIN.

Working late used to mean firing up this beast.
Now you don't even need the TV.