5 Foods To Avoid At Night

There are certain foods that can spoil your sleep at night. Wondering how? Well, some foods build acidity that leads to heart burns or stomach inflammation. Therefore, you should avoid this list of foods at night. Check out the names of these foods.

Fruits: You should avoid fruits at night. Fruits have many acids and juices that can create gastric problems. Most importantly, you should avoid having citrus fruits such as grapes, oranges, pineapples and berries. These fruits have acid that can create bile juice. The best time to have fruits is at noon. From 11 am-4 pm you can have fruits as they digest easily during this time. Avoid having fruits on empty stomach. This prevents you from developing acidity.

Pizza: If you are dining out and want to eat Italian food, think again. Pizzas are filled with spices, tomato sauce and cheese that can hamper the digestion process. They are filling and can be too heavy on the stomach. This slows the digestion and also leads to weight gain. Greased with cheese, pizza is the food that you should avoid at night.

Cereals: This is the best food that can be served for breakfast. At night, especially for dinner, avoid having cereals. Don't think that cereals can help in weight loss. This is because cereals have are high in sugar and carbohydrates that can make you fat. If you sleep immediately after eating cereals, fat deposits will increase in your body. That is why, we have this for breakfast. Running and walking all day long burns the carbohydrates. Prefer whole grains cereals and mix with honey. Artificial sweeteners can only increase your blood sugar levels and body weight.

Red meat: If you get tempted after seeing the juicy meat stick, you end up having it till you are full. What happens after that? You loosen your pant buttons just to feel light after a heavy dinner. Firstly, avoid heavy dinners; have dinner like a beggar and breakfast like a king. Red meat is loaded with proteins and fats. This can make it difficult to digest the food. You should avoid but not stop having this food at night. Have a limited amount of red meat at dinner as it has tryptophan and iron that induces good sleep.

Candies: Having a sweet after meal is good but avoid having this at night especially if you are going to hit the bed. Candies are made with artificial sweeteners that can increase blood sugar levels. Also, sugar can spoil the gums (if you do not brush at night).

These are few foods that you should avoid at night. Always have dinner 3-4 hours before going to sleep. This helps digest the food and you do not even put on right. Going to sleep with a heavy stomach can be harmful for your health and sleep. To have a deep slumber, avoid these foods at or after dinner.