Hilarious and Quirky Halloween Costumes You Can Easily Make Yourself (21 pics)

Bring your stick figure dreams to life.
Be a camera that actually works.
A plastic apple plus a bowler hat make The Son of Man.
Bacon and eggs.
Capture the joy of childhood as a rollercoaster.
Or as rock, paper, scissors.
Gloves make easy moose antlers.
While an old umbrella can become bat wings.
A picture frame and some non-toxic paint can turn you into a work of art in minutes.
Use paper towels to make a mummy costume:
Channel your face-painting skills to be a Pop Art figure.
Or a silent film star.
Get ~relevant~ as an iPhone.
Get together with your pals like peanut butter and jelly.
Or as Play-Doh.
Or paint chips.
Even if you’re not hairy nor spherical, any twosome can become Castaway.
Get together a group to become the most addictive game of all time.
Or find a tiny human to become the spider to your web.
Tug some heartstrings as the Up characters.
Screw seasonality and go as a Christmas tree.