Children Around The World Trying To Get To School

Elementary School Students Crossing A River On Inflated Tire Tubes, Rizal Province, Philippines
Pupils Walking On A Tightrope 30 Feet Above A River, Padang, Sumatra, Indonesia

125-Mile Journey To A Boarding School Through The Mountains, Pili, China
Students Crossing Ciherang River On A Makeshift Bamboo Raft, Cilangkap Village, Indonesia
Schoolchildren Riding A Horse Cart Back From School In Delhi, India
Pupils Traveling By Boat in Kerala, India
School Girls Walking Across A Plank On The Wall Of The 16th Century Galle Fort In Sri Lanka
Children Traveling On The Roof Of A Wooden Boat In Pangururan, Indonesia
Crossing a Broken Bridge In The Snow To Get To School In Dujiangyan, Sichuan Province, China
Riding a Tuktuk (Auto Rickshaw) To School In Beldanga, India
A Girl Riding A Bull To School, Myanmar
Kids Traveling Through The Forest Across A Tree Root Bridge, India
Pupils Canoeing To School, Riau, Indonesia

Kids Flying 800m On A Steel Cable 400m Above The Rio Negro River, Colombia

Pupils Crossing A Damaged Suspension Bridge, Lebak, Indonesia

Kids Traveling To A Boarding School Through The Himalayas, Zanskar, Indian Himalayas
Schoolchildren Climbing On Unsecured Wooden Ladders, Zhang Jiawan Village, Southern China

5-Hour Journey Into The Mountains On A 1ft Wide Path To Probably The Most Remote School In The World, Gulu, China