Lord of the Rings Stained glass lamp (31 Pics)

Fellowship of the Ring panel

Includes The Shire, a dark rider, the battle of Gandalf and the Balrog at the Bridge of Khazad dum, and the elven city of either Lothlorien, or Rivendell. Take your pick.

The Two Towers panel
Minas Morgul in the lower left, Helms Deep in the lower right. The winding stair leads up Shelob lurking up top, and smack in the middle is an homage to the Ents and Treebeard (they are my peeps)

The Return of the King panel
Mount Doom dominates the background. Andúril is in the lower left corner, stabbing quite violently into a Nazgûl. MUAHAHA. Screw you lizard, biatch. In the lower left, is the ring, with a glimpse of the Shire as a reference to the end of the trilogy. (As opposed to the movie)

Color planning

Cut out all the white stuff. Leave all the black stuff. You don't have to do it all in one piece, but it gives you a kick ass outcome. Like a Shire themed spider web.

Stick said very very numerous pieces of paper on very carefully chosen glass colors/types/finishes. I'm a cheap bastard, so I'm creative with my use of surface area.
Cut out said glass with the tools of the trade. Bring bandaids. Lots of bandaids. You will find glass shards everywhere. Places you never thought possible.

Etching time!! Get some tacking paper. Stick it to gold glass made from the heavens above. Very very tediously cut out all your lettering.