Epic Moments In Nature

These incredible photos are the kind that make people speak up online and say "FAKE!" Before you jump to any conclusions, remember that nature can be pretty amazing and doesn't need Photoshop to be impressive. So check out some of the most epic moments in nature caught on film in the gallery below.

Just open your mind to the possibility that these are real... once you do, you're going to be blown away!

1.) C'mon little guy. YOU CAN DO IT!
2.) Uh oh, here comes trouble.
3.) Attackkkkkk!
4.) A touching family portrait.
5.) Just two buddies, hanging out.
6.) Who said frogs can't go boating?
7.) Happiest. Alligator. Ever.
8.) Reptiles and amphibians, BFF.
9.) Oh, hi!
10.) Tally ho, mighty steed!
11.) Hey, wanna be my friend?
12.) Hehehehe! That tickles!