3D-printed Bob-omb Tissue Dispenser

Tissue Holder
I have this modern-looking tissue dispenser that, to me, looked a lot like a BobOmb from Mario. It just needed eyes and feet...

Modeling in Blender
So I grabbed some reference photos and took it into Blender. Here's a walkthrough of the modeling process. After tracing the body outline and scaling to real-world dimensions, everything was modeled relative to the body. I mostly went by feel when modeling the shape of the eyes and feet.'

Export & Print
I had a couple issues with the export / print process. The feet took up the better part of the printing surface. The rake would sometimes lift up and throw everything off, but I got it after a little trial and error.

3D printed on a Makerbot
The feet printed just fine when printed individually. Some suggested modeling in a platform to make sure the rake had good, even coverage, but this worked out just fine.

Closeup of Right Foot
Turns out I made the base ring a little too narrow, so I ended up having to take a Dremel tool to it for the body to fit snugly.

And here he is!

Results (close up)
The eyes were a little thin and translucent, so I ended up coating the backs in white paint to hide the adhesive (after this photo).