It’s All About Speed… (17 gifs)

When you look away, it speeds up
High speed rally car jump
Speed climbing
Upright bass player being filmed by a camera with a high shutter speed
Bike Flip to Backflip to Late Tailwhip. Had to replay this 10 times at full speed to see wtf was going on, then found the slowmo replay
Running at top speed, when suddenly…

One-trillion FPS camera records light in slow motion
World record speed
 Speed of light

The speed and coordination of this blows my mind
Explosive active armor on a tank – High speed
So, what’s the speed limit for buses in USA? Match 2?
Bullet Strike – High Speed Camera

Speed stacking??? Nah

High-speed shots of balloons bursting under various conditions.
Man narrowly escapes being crushed by his own car after being thrown out in high speed crash
The Need For Speed