How One Dad Gets His Kid to Come Home for Easter (26 pics)

"Three years ago Dad decided he missed me..."
" he held hostage my favorite Easter candy..."
"...and began killing one each day until I came home from school."
"The standard method of execution."
"I hope this peep can swim."
"This peep melted in the pool water."
"Bullseye in the bunny's eye."
"Oh God!"
"Yep, they blend."
"This is comfy and warm...wait a minute."
"The ears!"
"I came home in time. These ones were set free! They were the lucky ones..."
"Two years ago. So it begins again."
"Should have had a spotter."
"My dad's an axe murderer."
"A chainsaw death. He had to try twice, the first try flung the peep across the yard."
"The look in this peep's eyes says it all. Our Wheaton Terrier, Ginger, was a happy accomplice."
"One squished peep coming up. A second peep is beside it, for reference."
"Office Mishaps, Day 1."
"Office Mishaps, Day 2. Makes me cringe every time. Poor ears!"
"Office Mishaps, Day 3. Peep should've had its TPS reports done on time."
"Crispy critter, about to go into our wood furnace."
"This year, the horror will begin anew."
"Grate. Peep guts every where."
"Poor peep was electrocuted! I can't get home fast enough this year!"
"Cut to shreds. I made myself look, because I owed the peep at least that much."