Hong Kong’s Outdoor Escalators

In one of Hong Kong's smartest residential area called Mid-levels, the public is served by an unusual form of transport - the longest outdoor escalator system in the world. The Central-Mid-Levels escalator system covers over 800 meters in distance and elevates approximately 135 meters from bottom to top. It consists of 20 escalators and 3 moving walkways, connected in places by footbridges and with 14 entrances and exits. To ride the complete length of the escalator system one-way takes about 20 minutes. The trip can be shortened if you walk while the escalator is moving, which most people do. Due to the geography of the area, the same distance is equivalent to several miles of zigzagging roads if travelled by car. Opened in 1993, the Hong Kong Central-Mid-Levels escalator now carries more than 55,000 people each day.