We Are Already Living in the Future! (24 pics)

Single-wheeled electric monobike.
Personal GPS heads up display.
At home desktop 3D printer.
Suitcase that follows you.
Hand print coffee maker brews based on personal preference.

Arcade machine and kegerator combo.
Self-converting dinner/pool table.
Micro usb scanner.
Automated waterfall shower.
Personal transport machine.
In home robotic bar tender that makes drinks based on your mood.
High tech phonograph with smart phone integration.
Automated piano teacher moves your hands and fingers to teach you songs.
Smart phone controlled/programmable lawn mower.
DIY hair trimmer.
Laser display keyboard.
RC robotic arm.
Electric powered drifter.
Smart phone controlled paper airplanes.
Robotic arm that tracks and controls movement on your tablet.
Personal jetpack.

Future Fridge 3000