The Most Mildly Infuriating Things Ever (25 pics)

That last bit of soap that never pumps out:
The number of holes in these waffles don’t match the number of holes in this waffle maker
This epic seat hogger:
Those inexplicable grammar “mistakes:”
When this happens to your peanut butter cup:
Or this happens to your bowl:
Or this happens to your slushie:
When butter refuses to spread:

When stores charge more than the recommended price:
Erasers that do this:
Straws that do this:
This wall corner that doesn’t line up:
When ‘Click to Enlarge’ gives you the exact same size:
The length of this animated GIF:
This misplaced cement tile:
When you wash your hands while wearing long sleeves:
Too many requirements for creating a password:
All those pop-ups on Youtube videos:

When your arm hair gets caught in those concert wristbands:
When your straw does this:
When your shoe insoles do this:

When pencils do this:
Cans that don’t stack on themselves:
Books that do this: