Are Food Cravings & Addictions Ruling You?

Have you ever had cravings for chocolate or ice cream that would not go away?
Have you ever started eating cookies or potato chips and could not stop till you ate the whole bag?
Afterward, you feel like a failure because you did not control your craving.
You are not just being weak. There are many reasons why this is happening.
Cravings vs. Addictions!
It is easy to think we are not addicted and simply overwhelmed with cravings.
craving is a strong desire to consume a particular substance.   We sometimes have control over our cravings, and sometimes we do not.
An addiction is a persistent, compulsive dependence on a behavior or substance 
5 Reasons Your Addictions Are Not All Your Fault: 
1. When the body is deficient of the nutrients it needs to function, it will reach out for anything to get any form of nourishment. You cannot blame the body for being so hungry.
2. If you have candida, bad bacteria or parasites; they are always very hungry and want quick nourishment right now! They love sugar and refined starches the most.
3. When you crave foods like cereals, grains and sugar, you may be addicted to them according to James Braly, MD, York Nutritional Laboratories and author of Food Allergy Relief.
4. Food additives like MSG are often added to make you addicted to the foods that they are put in.
5. The processed food industry spends huge sums of money to get us addicted to their food. It is easier to get existing customers to eat more than to create new customers.
Possible Causes of Cravings or Addictions
One view of cravings or addictions is that they are simply chemical in nature.
Chocolate and sugar for example, gives us a rush of serotonin and dopamine, the same kind of rush you get from street drugs. We could achieve that same chemical result via healthier means. (see below)
Emotional:Cravings are often linked to strong memories of past pleasure. We want to re-experience that emotional feeling.  For example when you were a child, your parents may have fed you cookies when you were sad. You are now trying to re-experience that safe comforting feeling from your childhood. 
Many people view addictions as an indication of a deep rooted void in life that needs to be filled. Trying to fill this with “things” doesn’t work. One really must be willing to work on themselves. Alcoholics Anonymous, for example, is a deeply spiritual program that has helped millions.
Top Food Addictions.
These are some of the top food  addictions and cravings from   recent cravings poll.  
1. Sugar
2. Salty Snacks
3. Chocolate
4. Caffeine
5. Fatty foods
To overcome sugar addiction:
  • Keep our  body nourished.
  • Be fully hydrated
  • Get regular exercise
  • To get extra nutrition with supplements 
We may not be at fault for our addictions but we are responsible for dealing with them.That means being strong and not giving in easily.
It is all about creating new habits which truly take time.
Everything is habit-forming, so make sure what you do is what you want to be doing. – Wilt Chamberlain
It usually also requires a significant support system and a greater awareness of what is happening.