5 Healthy Replacements for 5 Unhealthy Foods

Large food companies are very effective at convincing you to eat their products even if they are deadly to your health.
It’s much easier to avoid these unhealthy foods IF you have healthy substitutes. Here are 5 super healthy recipes to help you do so. 
1. Replace Canned Tomatoes (which have high BPS and BPA levels).
The linings of the tin cans have a resin which contains bisphenol-A, or BPA. This is a synthetic estrogen that has been linked to heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and even obesity.
Freezing Raw Whole Tomatoes (with their skins)
Freezing tomatoes is easier than making one’s own canned tomatoes. The least time consuming way is to freeze whole raw tomatoes but you can freeze them sliced, chopped, puréed or even cooked.  It is best to leave the skins because that is where the most carotenoids and flavonols are found.
  • Raw thawed tomatoes may be used in any cooked tomato recipe.
  • It is best to season after thawing, not before freezing.  Freezing may either strengthen or weaken seasonings.
  • They are best used in soups, sauces and stews as they become mushy when they’re thawed.
  • As with all frozen vegetables it is best to eat them within about 8 months for best quality.
1. Select firm, ripe tomatoes and discard any that are spoiled.
2. Wash Tomatoes well under running water and dry it with a paper towel.
3. Cut away the stem scar and surrounding area and discard it before freezing.
4. Place the tomatoes on cookie sheets and freeze. Tomatoes do not need to be blanched before freezing.
5. Once frozen put the tomatoes into freezer bags or other containers. Seal tightly.
You can freeze stewed tomatoes too. Remove stem ends, peel and quarter ripe tomatoes. Cover and cook until tender (10 to 20 minutes). Wait till cool then pack in containers, leaving some space at the top. Seal and freeze.
2. Instead of Oreo Cookies or a Snickers bar, here is an easy homemade chocolate bar.  
Cherry Pecan Dark Chocolate Bar
This is a totally decadent chocolate that everyone loves.
4 squares (approx. 112 gm) unsweetened chocolate
3 Tbsp organic virgin coconut oil
2 Tbsp unpasteurized honey
1/4 teaspoon liquid stevia
1/4 cup pecans, roasted and chopped
1/4 cup dried unsweetened cherries chopped in halves
1. Dry roast pecans in a toaster oven or in frying pan (stir frequently so they do not burn).
2. Melt chocolate in a double boiler or very carefully in saucepan.
3. Oil with coconut oil a small pan of approximately 8 inches square.
4. Sprinkle evenly the cherries and pecans in the pan.
5. When chocolate is melted; remove from heat.
6. Mix in coconut oil and stevia.
7. Then mix in honey.
8. Pour melted chocolate mixture over the cherries and pecans.
9. Let cool in refrigerator or freezer.
10. Once set, cut into squares.
11. Store in covered container in refrigerator or freezer, if desired.
This recipe is just one of the many recipes in the Healthy Chocolate Project.  This video course teaches you how to make an assortment of amazingly delicious chocolates that uses only small quantities of healthy sugars and healthy oils.
3. Replace store bought salad dressings that are full of unhealthy fats, salts, sugars, artificial flavors and colors. 
We eat salads to be healthy. The problem is, the salad dressing can make the salad into an unhealthy meal.
Make a big jar of this easy-to-make, low calorie dressing. It’s alkalizing and healthy. 

4. Replace Butter-Flavored Microwave Popcorn with its unhealthy chemicals.
Make your own popcorn in a hot air popping machine.
If you don’t have one you can just make it in a pot on the stove.
Then, melt butter (or ghee), pour on and sprinkle with salt.
This simple version is tasty and much more healthy than microwave popcorn, but if you want to spice it up, my favorite is Curried Popcorn.

5. Eliminate Bacon and Bacon Bits with all of their fat and additives.

Get that salty crunch from healthy seeds.
Seed Topping for Salad, Rice or Vegetables
This is a quick way to add some extra flavor to your grain or steamed vegetables or just for a snack.
Pumpkin seeds are the only seeds that are alkaline forming.