8 Foods Doctors Eat For Breakfast

Yogurt And Granola

This is a low-fat, low-calorie, low-sodium breakfast that many doctors eat as their first meal of the day. You can take yogurt (preferably non-fat), berries, granola and mix it all together for a healthy and sumptuous breakfast.

Fruit & Cereal
Lean cereal, fruits like banana or berries and low-fat milk - one doctor swore by this breakfast recipe for her morning nutrition needs.

Protein Shake
Just like everyone else, doctors are often pressed for time. Therefore, protein shakes are often the fastest and the most nutritious means of breakfast for most of them. Now this is one recipe, which you can tweak according to your individual taste and enjoy a new shake every day. Just grab the ingredients from your refrigerator or pantry, throw them in together in the blender and blend.

Eggs & Fruits
Doctors who get enough time to have their breakfast with their spouse and kids often go for a big breakfast like eggs, hard cheese, yogurt and fruit plus their morning cup of coffee. The eggs should be free range, mind you!

Kiwi Coconut Kale Smoothie
This smoothie, made with kiwi fruit, coconut, kale and chia seeds contains protein, good fats and energy to begin a hectic doctor's day.

Eggs plus Kale
Eggs and kale can make a healthy breakfast combination for you. If you don't believe us, at least believe the doctor who eats it four days a week.

Lox On Toast
Even doctors cannot refuse the wild sockeye salmon lox on a pumpernickel toast, especially when served with fresh fruit, cranberry juice and a cup of green tea.

Cereal With Soy Milk And Berries
Unsweetened soy milk with cereal and berries is one more healthy option to have in the morning if you want to eat just like your doctor does.