Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Divorcee Builds the Home of Her Dreams for Only $11,000 (19 pics)

Macy Miller lost her home in a foreclosure following her divorce and decided that she was done with mortgages for good. An architect by trade, she spent two years building a 196 square foot house that is perfectly quaint and homely.

Macy Miller didn’t have a lot of experience with construction, but she was willing to learn.
It took her years, but she was working on making her dream come true.


  1. perfectly quaint and "homely"???? lol

  2. Its a friggin mobile home trailer done up...whooooo

  3. Great job. I too built a small house, people laughed. Then I showed them all my bills per month that added up to a little over $112/month Cdn. Who's laughing now.