Friday, November 8, 2013

If All the Ice on Earth Melted (8 pics)

This is what will happen if all ice on the planet melts.


  1. Says who? Al Gore? Some other douchebag that stands to make a million selling a theory?
    Fill a bowl with ice and water, let it melt, see how much water overfills the bowl.

    1. Someone needs to learn a little bit more about the world before making idiotic comments.

  2. How do they reckon this? If you have a drink with ice in it and the ice melts the liquid level doesn't rise because the mass of the ice has already displaced the liquid. Do these scaremongers think we are stupid?
    Oh wait! Lets force the masses to believe we have to reduce a carbon footprint while we detonate nuclear bombs on the sea bed. Then get THEM to believe that THEY are causing the problem.

  3. you are an idiot, if you fill a bowl with ice protruding from the top it will overflow when melted assuming there aren't more gaps between pieces than how much protrudes from the top. Antarctica is above sea level (protruding from the top). this is a simple estimate based on how much water exits as ice above sea level, how much the ocean will rise due to all that ice melting and being added as water, and then marking all the places in the world lower than the new sea level. too bad your uneducated regurgitation of false science coming from rush limbaugh and other conservatives that would deny 2=2=4 if obama said it was true prevents you from understanding middle school physics.

  4. utterly stupid comment

  5. You must be republican....