The Best Work Is Play (13 pics)

Moru-chan is a Japanese Gamer who has spent the last three months playing video games every day and getting paid to do it! He has earned $10,000 for his dedication to playing ArchAge and posting his experiences on the video-sharing site, Niconico. He spends all night in front of the computer, playing the game, and his days sleeping on a mattress on the floor, cooking in his very small kitchenette and doing the laundry. What an awesome job!
Curious about Moru-chan’s daily schedule? Here it is:
12 p.m. wake up, bathe, eat, do laundry
3 p.m. play games
4 p.m. update personal blog
6 p.m. eat
7 p.m. play games
9 p.m. begin streaming online gameplay 6 a.m. go to bed
Rinse and repeat every day