Motel 6, Mishawaka, Indiana. The Worst US Hotel (8 pics)

Let me quote the author of the photos:

These pics were taken at 3AM on a rainy night in Sept. 2013. Checked in after a 15-hour drive and was greeted with the grossest room ever. Left after 40 minutes to pitch a tent in the rain, and have not received a refund or any satisfactory action. Will never again trust Motel 6, and will make sure as many people as possible see these photos.

TV remote
This is actually the remote that was left for us. It looked like it had been smashed with a hammer. It was sticky to the touch too. Gross.
Black sticky stuff on old worn carpets
The camera's flash obscures how lumpy and black this carpet is. The entire floor looks like this. The black stuff on the carpet is sticky. I wish I could have gotten a good photo of the bed. The mattress must have been two decades old. It was so thin that it sloped inward to the center, and springs were poking through and jabbed you when you sat on it. The pillowcases had yellow stains on them, and I found hairs between the top and bottom sheets.

Bathtub drain
Not sure this bathtub has ever been cleaned. Green gunk caked around the drain, and a thick ring of scum around the entire tub basin.

Corner of bathtub
Moldy caulking around the entire tub.

Bathroom sink
Nasty stained sink.
Bathtub near the ceiling
Yellowish mold running down the length of the tub.

Black carpet, loud, rattling AC
Here's another shot of the worn carpet coated in black stuff. That air conditioner rattled and spewed out rank-smelling air. It was 2:40 when I checked in, and due to my exhaustion I almost actually stayed here. It was when the AC started stinking up the room that I decided to pitch a tent in the pouring rain, rather than spend another second here.

First floor hallway
Straight out of a horror movie. The elevator was broken, so I got to walk down this and then up three flights of stairs to my room.