6 Genius Household Uses for Tea

Whether using it as a wood stain, to tenderize meat or to reduce rust on cast iron, once you discover the many magical ways tea can be used other than just a soothing cuppa, you'll eye that used tea bag or an unfinished cup in a whole new light. Here are a few of the many wonderful ways to put those dregs to use around the house once tea time is over. 

Make Glass Cleaner
Fill a recycled spray bottle with brewed tea for use as an economical and effective cleaner for windows, mirrors or countertops. Use as one might use commercial sprays to leave surfaces sparkling clean. 

Water Plants 
Give plants with a bias for acidic soil (like ferns or gardenias) an occasional treat by watering with brewed tea. Teas leaves can also be added to the bottom of the pot before planting to allow nutrients to reach the roots as water is drawn from the reservoir tray. 

Reduce Puffy Eyes 
 Place wet tea bags over the eyes for 15 minutes to soothe and tone. Pores will open and the tannins in tea act as a natural astringent to tone and tighten the skin. 

Treat Bug Bites 
Speaking of astringents, applying a wet tea bag to fresh insect bites will help draw that itchy poison from the site. 

Deodorize the Refrigerator 
Instead of throwing away used tea bags, tuck them away in a bowl in the back of the fridge to remove lingering smells as effectively as baking soda.  

Wash Away Objectionable Scents 
 Break apart a tea bag and scrub hands using the leaves to remove fish, garlic or onion odor. Tea leaves can also be used on the feet to soothe and deodorize your tootsies at the end of a long day.