Impressive Chemical Reactions (22 gifs)

Polymerization of Nitro Aniline
Hydrogen Peroxide mixed with Potassium Iodide
Hydrophobic sand placed underwater
Electrical discharge

Popping of a kernel
Water crystallizing into snow

Heating Mercury Thiocyanate
Lithium on fire
A Neodymium Magnet falling through a copper pipe
Liquid Nitrogen mixed with 1500 ping pong balls
Dip a spoon of Gallium into a glass of hot water

Make a bubble with smoke instead of air

Slicing a bead of Mercury in half

Push two identical clouds of smoke

Russell's viper venom blood

Ball caught in underwater toroidal vortex

Set fire to smoke

Crystallization of Supersaturated Sodium Acetate

Interesting science game
Physics trick