Friday, August 9, 2013

Firefighters Rescued a Giant Man (13 pics)

Firefighters had to smash a hole in the wall to save a 882-pound man (400 kg). Michael Lehberger Riegelsberg, Germany, called emergency services when he had heart failure. Firefighters used a cat digger and an ambulance built for four people to take him to a hospital.


  1. You Fat Motherfucker. If you just controlled your weight you would have never caused so much work.

    I believe the saying goes: " Keep Fit and have Fun" not " Get Fat and almost Die".


    Your Everyday Normal Guy

  2. why the fuck are they attempting to rescue someone who has actively been trying to kill themselves for years.

    what they should do is find who has been bringing that fat fuck his food and lock them away for premeditated murder..

  3. just who the fuck feeds him so much.. i bet its his mother.
    Women are always behind fuckups like these.

  4. I second that.

    Another everyday normal guy.

  5. Don't be so hard on him. He probably just has a glandular problem that lets him defy the laws of thermodynamics. It's definitely not because he eats way too much.

  6. Wow if being an ignorant, opinionated and obviously "well educated" is normal. I would much rather be abnormal

  7. but he can get welfare being a glutton