Friday, August 30, 2013

Electronics from Sears Catalog Fall Winter 2013 (13 pics)

And it was just 30 years ago.
Timex Sinclair 1000 Computer: $49

Catalog Description:
2K memory expands to a powerful 16K. Most of the 40 keys are programmed for up to five commands. "One Touch" keyword entry system eliminates a great deal of typing keywords (RUN, LIST, PRINT, etc) all have their own single key entry. Pressure Sensitive, plastic membrane keyboard.

Uniden Cordless Phones: $250

Catalog Description:
The digital coded security system allows you to program any one of 256 possible security code combinations in your EX-6000 to prevent unauthorized access to your phone system. Programmable auto dialer stores up to thee numbers (16 digits each) and dials them from memory on a simple 2-button command.

Boom Box: $250

Catalog Description:
Boom Box with two detachable two-way speakers for greater sound separation, Dolby noise reduction. Automatic program selection system with record mute, metal tape capability.

VHS - Beta: $890

Catalog Description:
Sears Best Beta VCR has four-day, eight-program advance programming, multi-function infrared wireless remote control plus noise-free special effects and more! Quartz synthesized electronic tuner. Everyday function lets you program unit to record program at the same time everyday.

Portable Cassette Player: $60

Catalog Description:
Anti-rolling mechanism helps keep cassette playing evenly if jarred.

Video Disc Player: $290

Catalog Description:
Two-speed visual search quickly lets you find the movie scene you want. Semi-automatic loading plays both stereo and mono CED-format discs.

Atari 1200 XL: $600

Catalog Description:
Stimulate your mind and senses with the thrill of video games, the challenge of programming and the creativity of of graphics and sound. Powerful 64K memory handles complex programs. Full-sized, full-stroke, typewriter-like keyboard, 55 alphanumeric keys plus 11 special function keys. Upper/lower case, full-screen editing, 4 independent sound voices covering 3.5 octaves, and 256 brilliant colors.

Canon AE-1 Program: $280

Catalog Description:
Black vinyl-covered metal body with chrome plated trim. Features exposure preview switch memory lock, stop-down lever, and convenient "action grip" to provide a firm grip. Viewfinder shows manual mode, program mode, aperture scale, stopped down metering index, flash ready, and focusing information.

Steam in a Cabinet: $390

Catalog Description:
Molded fiberglass body. Door has full length stainless steel hinges and seals of neoprene; opens from inside and outside.

Sensaphone: $200

Catalog Description:
Sensaphone is a unique monitoring system that calls and tells you about conditions inside your home or business if there's a problem during your absence. It will keep calling you and 3 other people you designated until someone is alerted.

10 Speeds: $260

Catalog Description:
Suteki Bikes are built to meet the demands of serious bikers and have these features for lightness and high performance.

Computer Glossary: Free

Catalog Description:
Access Time - the time it takes for info to be written to or read from a diskette, cassette, or Wafertape.

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