A Gigantic Man-Made Structure That Is a Massive Engineering Feat (22 pics)

An oil tanker is a ship designed to transport liquid cargo. The Seawise giant was the largest tanker built in the 20th Century weighing 564, 763 tonnes and measuring 81 ft from top to bottom and 1,504.10 ft in length. The ship was commissioned by a Greek tycoon in 1979 but was sold to a Hong Kong businessman C.Y Tung in 1981. The Seawise Giant was damaged and sunk by an Iraqi Airforce attack in the Iran-Iraq War in 1986 when it was struck by anti-ship Exocet missile. After the war, the wreck was raised and repaired by the Keppel Company in Singapore and was put to use again in 1991 with the new name, “Happy Giant”.