8 Steps to a Non-Toxic Summer

How is it that summer is already half over? If you haven’t had a moment to catch fireflies yet, chances are you soon will. To wish you the happiest of summers, we’ve compiled our favorite Healthy Child non-toxic warm weather fun tips to help you plan your family activities!

1. Repel bugs without DEET. The pesticides used in insect repellant can be harmful for both adults and children! Another option is picaridin, a chemical based on pepper.

2. Grow a pesticide-free lawn. Extensive use of pesticides has led to resistance in many insects and weed species. As a result, many resort to even stronger chemical pesticides, which may have greater consequences for human and environmental health. Opting for a pesticide-free lawn will have your children and pets playing happily (and safely!) in the grass all summer.

3. Avoid GMOs when out celebrating with friends and family! Going out for a nice summer meal at your favorite restaurant? Consider making your restaurant food choices with GMOs in mind by avoiding high-risk ingredients like corn and soy.

4. Be careful about chlorine in pools. High levels of chlorine in pools has been linked to asthma in small children. Children under the age of 7 who swam frequently in indoor chlorine pools may be at an increased risk for developing asthma, according to a 2006 study.

5. Wade in a safe kiddie pool. Many kiddie pools are made out of PVC – the plastic known as the “poison plastic” thanks to its remarkably toxic production and disposal processes. PVC also contaminates both children and the environment with the endocrine-disrupting phthalates.

6. Learn your Sunscreening Safety facts! Need a new tube of sunscreen? When shopping for sunscreen for you and your children, choose those formulated with zinc and titanium. These two non-toxic minerals provide even safer and more effective sunscreening.

7. Bare feet = pedicures. Is your nail polish toxic? Many nail polishes contain chemicals known as the toxic trio: dibutyl phthalate, toluene, and formaldehyde. Choose safer nail polish – or dare to go bare!

8. Grow veggies (safely). When you’re planing your summer garden, be cautious about fertilizers. Some sold as “natural” or “organic” are made from so-called biosolids, otherwise known as sewage sludge. Yuck!