Thursday, June 13, 2013

Amazing Scientific Facts (13 pics)

Selection of amazing scientific facts.

An exoskeleton is being developed that can be operated with mind control
This one single man has saved 2 million people

Natural exists, but we wouldn’t recommend trying it

In 2014 the first human trial of a bionic eye could give the blind extra mobility

“Schmeat” is meat grown in a lab and derived from real animal cells

The pressure that exists in the core of a neutron star is so dense and strong, scientists think it may be very similar to the conditions of the Big Bang

Dolphins understand not only a complex vocabulary but also syntax, basic rules of word order for sentence formation

The webcam was invented to monitor coffee levels at Cambridge

We can print 3-D nylon-based polymer prosthetics strong enough to emulate bone

Space jewelry was very popular among ancient Egyptians

A single layer of carbon atoms arranged in a honeycomb pattern is the strongest material on Earth

The Western painted turtle can survive under a frozen pond for the whole of winter

This is a 3-D printed ear with actual electrical components to allow auditory processing for deaf people

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