What Urinary Colours Indicate About Health

Urine is a fluid secretion through which all the waste and toxins flush out from the body. Urine is formed in the kidneys. Your urine colour indicates a lot about your health. Whenever we suffer from any infection like UTI (Urniary Tract Infection, common in women), your urine colour gives an indication. Ideally, the urine is pale yellow in colour, but if you are having some internal problems like dehydration, the colour of the urine changes. For example, yellow urine and a burning sensation is a common symptom of dehydration.
If you want to know what your urine colour indicates about the health, check out the details...

Urine colour and indication about health:
Pale yellow: This is the colour of urine and if the kidneys are functioning properly without infections, it produces pale yellow coloured urine.

Clear urine: When the urine passes clear, it indicates that your body is hydrated and you are healthy. However, diabetes or hepatitis can also cause clear urine.

Yellow urine: This urine colour can indicate a lot about your health. If you are dehydrated or consume lots of Vitamin B tablets and foods, the urine becomes concentrated and can look yellow or golden in colour.

White urine: The urine colour changes to white when you develop UTI or suffer from kidney stones.

Red or pinkish urine: When blood cells are secreted in the urine, it turns red or pink in colour. This urine colour indicates that you might be suffering from any kidney, urinary or bladder infection.

Tea urine: Tea coloured urine is due to diarrhoea, jaundice, liver infection, blood in urine, pale stools and certain foods.

Cloudy urine: Excessive proteins or inability of the kidneys to produce urine turns the colour to cloudy.

Orange: Medications used to treat urinary problems can change the urine colour to orange. Even over consumption of carrot or carrot juice can lead to orange coloured urine.
These are few urine colours that indicate about your health.