Google+ can now sort the best of your shots

Google is on a feature addition spree. At the company's I/O conference, Google announced 41 new features to its Google+ social network.

Google+ that has 360 million active users has surpassed Twitter and comes close to second after Facebook. The updates to this site include a spiffy design, Hangouts mobile chat feature and other tools to enhance the photo library.

The new features include the automated photo-editing features allowing users to add a professional touch to amateur photography. It determines on its own which photographs are the best shots in terms of exposure, blur factor, duplicity and distinguishes best shots, which are aesthetically pleasing.

In a report by CNN, the features also allow the user to choose from other tools like auto-enhance with white balance correction, skin softening, vignettes and other effects that are available from iPhoto to Instagram

Along with that Google+ has the feature of auto-awesome which does kicky and fun things like turning photos into small collages, and turning images into the new favourite animated image format GIF.

The Google+ feature Hangouts,a free video-calling service, which is one of the most popular features of the site will now be launched as a mobile chat app combining text, photos and live video for iOS and Android devices.

Users will now be able to save chat logs in case they want to swipe back to the past conversations.

The new G+ look resembles Pinterest, with multiple streams or columns whose number will change depending on the device on which it is used, the reports added.