9 Easy Steps to Healthy Travel

Going on a vacation? Take these tips along, and travel without falling sick or feeling tense. Happy journey!
  • Never take a sedative before you travel. The mind needs to remain alert during a journey.
  • Give yourself a comforting massage with warm sesame oil before you leave. Wipe off the excess oil with a wet cloth. Take a shower afterward.
  • After you arrive, soak feet in warm salted water for a few minutes. You will literally feel the stress leaving your body and mind. This is particularly wonderful after a trek.
  • Splash or mist your face with cold mineral water from time to time. Its coolness replenishes moisture and balances the volatile Vata dosha, according to ayurvedic experts.
  • Spritz organic rose water on your face and neck. Or dab some rose water on a cotton pad and press it over closed eyes for a few minutes. Such a relief!
  • Avoid alcohol and coffee when flying or traveling long distance: they leach moisture from the body, leading to dry, flaky skin and disturbed sleep. Eat sweet, juicy fruits; drink plenty of water or sip herbal tea.
  • Dabbing some camphor oil on your forehead improves circulation, alleviates travel sickness and settles the stomach.
  • Constipation often troubles travelers, especially in colder climes. Taking triphala at night clears toxins and boosts digestion. Triphala means ‘three fruits,’ namely Haritaki, Amalaki and Bibhitaki, each one of which plays a powerful role in healing. It is available at alternative medicine stores.
  • Think a couple of meals ahead when you’re traveling. It’s important to eat at regular intervals, so that your metabolism works well. Choose light, warm and nourishing foods such as wholesome soups and freshly cooked grains and veggies.