7 Simple Ways to Beat Bloating

That uncomfortable feeling, when you feel sluggish and look puffy — feeling bloated is never fun. If you take simple steps to change your eating habits, however, you can say goodbye to a bloated belly.

Eat less salt: salt attracts water, which leads to bloating. “Low/no/very low sodium” foods are the best options to pick.

Add ginger to your meals: ginger is a time-honored remedy for bloating. You could simply suck on a slice of fresh ginger root, or add it to your soups, stews and stir-fries with delicious results.

Avoid white pasta and other processed foods: they are simple carbohydrates that are notorious for the big bad bloat. Switch to brown rice and whole wheat pasta.

Enjoy every bite: remember, chewing is the first step in digestion, so give it the importance it deserves. As a bonus, you’ll eat less if you focus on every bite.  Hurriedly swallowed meals cause bloating, as you may have experienced.

Stay away from artificial sweeteners: did you know that the innocuous looking chewing gum could cause you to bloat? And that sodas containing sweeteners such as xylitol, aspartame and sorbitol can make it difficult for you to zip up your jeans?

Choose the right fruits: surprise! Some of your favorite foods contain high amounts of fructose, which causes gas and bloating. The commonest among these are bananas and apples. So, stick to low-fructose fruit such as berries, melons and grapes—they are easier to digest.

Don’t be afraid of beans: yes, they get bad press for causing gas and bloating, and perhaps rightly so. But if you eat them in limited amounts and introduce them slowly to your gut, they’re not only delicious and protein-rich, but also tummy-friendly. A good tip: rinse beans thoroughly  between your fingers under running water. This helps reduce some of their bloating properties.