Heavy snow in Europe leads to road, rail and air transport chaos (23pics)

 A railway is covered in deep snow in Caen, northwestern France. A heavy snowstorm hit northwestern Europe, paralysing transport, knocking out power to thousands and leaving hundreds stranded in their cars. Frankfurt's airport closed, trains stopped running under the English Channel, and the French army was ordered to help clear roads - all because of a sudden dump of oddly late snowfall in the region.
 The roof of the exhibition hall in Caen, northwestern France, is pictured after is collapsed during a heavy snow storm. Snowdrifts in the area piled up 60 centimetres (almost two feet) deep as winds reached 100 kilometres (more than 60 miles) an hour.
 A man shovels snow off his car in a street of Cambrai, northern France
 Parked cars are covered in snow in Duesseldorf, western Germany
Wrecked cars and trucks are pictured after a multi-vehicle pile-up on Autobahn 45 near Muenzenberg, Germany. At least 100 vehicles were involved in the pile-up on the slippery highway, leaving several dozen people injured
 A farmer uses his tractor to tow a car stuck in the snow in Locon, northern France
 A lorry lies overturned on the A5 highway near Weiterstadt, western Germany, after crashing with another truck on packed snow
 Passenger jets are parked at the gates at the snow-covered Frankfurt Airport, which was forced to close temporarily.
 Cars are driven during a heavy snow storm in Saint Malo, north-western France
 A cyclist and a dog walker make their way through the snow in Frankfurt, Germany
 One of the few active trains crosses a railway bridge in Halle as all train traffic to and from Brussels is suspended
 A pedestrian walks through the snow in Lille, northern France
 Snow covers crocuses in Dresden, eastern Germany
 Icicles hang from a bike's handlebars in Berlin
 A car covered in snow is seen in front of a poster advertising suntan lotion on a street in Antwerp, Belgium
 Cars and lorries are driven on the N118 road around Paris during a snow storm
 A passerby with umbrella walks next to the sculpture 'Transformer' by Chinese artist Bi Heng, during snowfall in Kassel, Germany
 A cyclist passes a snow-covered sculpture with knitted cuffs in Frankfurt, Germany
A traveller queues at Saint Pancras international train station in London to exchange tickets after all Eurostar trains were cancelled due to heavy snow in northern France and Belgium
 Commuter trains and snow-covered tracks are seen at the Gare Saint Lazare train station in Paris
 Snow covers Spring blossoms on the Champs de Mars near the Eiffel Tower in Paris
 Tourists ride Segways along the snow-covered Alexandre III bridge in Paris
A man clears the snow from his car in Cherbourg, north-western France