China holds largest airforce drills involving 100 fighters

China has held one of its largest- ever airforce drill involving about 100 multi-types fighter planes, amid heightened tensions with Japan over territorial dispute in the East China Sea.

"The exercises involving over about 100 fighters of over 10 different types and support staff were held under information conditions at an airport in southwest China," state-run People's Daily reported.
The drills were reportedly held for 11 days last month. Official media report described the exercise reportedly held in Xinjiang as the largest by China in recent times.

China has been holding multi-military exercises involving land, air and naval forces in recent on variety of locations practicing capturing islands and holding on to them. The exercises were being held in the back drop of growing tensions with Japan over the disputed islands in the East China Sea.
Tensions were on the rise since Japanese government which has retained the administrative control on the island called by Tokyo as Senkakus and Diaoyu Dai by China bought the islands from private parties, which China alleges amounted to nationalising them.
Since then China went on a publicity campaign both home and abroad and regularly sent naval ships to patrol the waters directly challenging the Japanese Coast Guard. Analysts say that the two countries could launch a fresh peace process after the completion of the general elections in Japan.
China for its part had a leadership change last year with new team headed by Xi Jinping was elected by the ruling Communist Party to replace the outgoing administration, headed by President Hu Jintao.