Oak Ridge’s Titan named world’s fastest computer


A supercomputer at US goverment’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory has become the world’s fastest computer.
According to Top500 supercomputer ranking, the Cray XK7, Titan achieved a sustained computing capability of 17.5 petaflops - or 17.5 million billion mathematical calculations per second – on Linpack's benchmark scale.
Titan will be used for research on energy sources, climate change, efficient engines, materials and other scientific research, said the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

The supercomputer cost $200 million and is powered by 18,688 Nvidia Tesla K20X GPUs and over 560,640 AMD processors.

The world's top five fastest computers are as follows:

1. Titan Cray XK47 at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (17.59 petaflops/s)

2. Sequoia BlueGene/Q at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (16.33 petaflops/s)

3. Fujitsu’s K computer at the RIKEN Advanced Institute for Computational Science in Kobe, Japan (10.51 petaflops/s)

4. The Mira BlueGene/Q computer at Argonne National Laboratory in Lemont, Ill. (8.16 petaflops/s)

5. The JUQUEEN BlueGene/Q computer at the Forschungszentrum Juelich in Germany. (4.14 petaflops/s)

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